i don't like akon

@limbo9uu (134)
March 20, 2009 10:12pm CST
i can't accept the sound of akon.i think a man's music should be a deep and wild sound.so i don't linke akon.could you tell me the advantage of his music?
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• United States
21 Mar 09
yes...because a mans music...such as rap, heavy metel and country are the only types of music that a man can sing. What is the advantage of his music? Its light and relaxing...here's my question to you. Why should mans music (which is a rather sexist remark if you ask me) -have- to be deep and wild? I'm a man and i listen to easy listening music such as smooth jazz and yanni and enya and such. By your definition all of those things is not "mans music" because its not really deep and wild.
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21 Mar 09
Everyone has a style and love of music some dont make sense sometimes but i happen like akon. I guess u just have listen to it more clearly then u do.
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@P_Ahman (72)
• Russian Federation
21 Mar 09
Akon's music just like any other persons music is subject to criticism. Akon as a musician represents alot, being born an african. That alone is a very huge credit. His music just like many others, is a story of his life to an extent. Akon represents the hassle.