How will you spend your sundays?

March 20, 2009 11:09pm CST
It's undoubtedly a common question that how will you spend your sundays. If you ask me, I would spend most of the time in surfing the net, especially mylot like sites. It's a great relief in sundays if you follow such a practice. Please share how you spend the same?
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@goldeneagle (6745)
• United States
27 Mar 09
I usually spend my Sunday afternoons just sitting around watching TV. We usually cook then watch some TV after dinner. I usually don't do a whole lot on Sundays. I go to church most of the time on Sunday mornings. I do have to work Sundays occasionally, but not very often...
@mysdianait (66013)
• Italy
21 Mar 09
Every Sunday is different for me. This week my son and daughter-in-law are coming for lunch. They will probably stay most of the afternoon too or we may go out for a walk in the park near here if the weather permits.
• China
21 Mar 09
It is bad for me, I never do anything on weekens, just staying at home with my boyfriend, playing chess, playing games, watching TV,surfing, but I do not like to do, I wanna to go out for shopping, he never accompany me to do it.
@xiaouie15 (289)
• Philippines
21 Mar 09
Oh well, tomorrow is a Sunday. I will be taking my child to the mall. We will be spending most of the day there. Then at night we'll have dinner with my aunt. Then we'll go back home.
• China
21 Mar 09
There is no doubt that everyone will first wash them face and bush teeth .Secendly, Reading newspaper,that tell us the political situation of the world. Then I begin to do my homework.I want to finish it before I go to play.
• China
21 Mar 09
Every week ,my friends and I will go to play badminton. When I stay with them , happy and relax ,that's the only thing I want,just enough!@_@
@greenline (14838)
• Canada
21 Mar 09
My week days are very long, getting back home quite late and very tired. So, I keep waiting for the weekends to come to relax and enjoy. Sunday is my favorite day for that, going out to beaches, parks, and resorts, to get refreshed for the week ahead !