Are you supposed to.....

March 21, 2009 6:14am CST
...respond to every comment left to each discussion you create? I noticed on alot of the discussions the creator of it usually writes back to every single response! Is this the norm for mylot, like a common courtesy thing?
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@maean_19 (4659)
• Philippines
21 Mar 09
Not really. It is not compulsory that you need to comment to every response, that really depends on you or the member if he wants to comment or not. Yet, one way to place one's discussion on top or current page is to make a comment so that many will and can see it and respond to it. Tendencies are, old discussions were disregarded, so if you want people to respond to such discussion is comment to those who made a response. It is also true that some make comments to responses as a sign of courtesy.
21 Mar 09
I appreciate what you are saying about courtesy but sometimes I don't feel the need to reply to every response. Thanks for your response.
@louisex2 (204)
• India
21 Mar 09
Actually it's not a compulsion to leave comments on every reply in your discussion. But if you're really discussing on some real topic that you want others should put some light on it, then a good discusser will surely reply to every post because he/she wants to get appropriate reply for his/her discussion that he/she has stared...that's why myLot is not about just earning, it's about discussion in which people share their common views/feelings...[:)]
21 Mar 09
Made some good points there, however I have found in some topics that the original poster posts rubbish to alot of the comments just for the sake of replying it seems!
@mysdianait (66221)
• Italy
2 Apr 09
If you comment back to those who respond you will make the responders feel 'wanted' and they will come back and even respond again. Then you go back and comment again and get a discussion going inside the main discussion itself. We are paid for our comments too and some days I do only that on my own discussions and it's well worth it. I earn both cash and friends. Happy Lotting!