Reason to be banned from my lot

Kuta, Indonesia
March 21, 2009 6:30am CST
I have friend is been banned from my lot, I has asking to him, what the reason your account been banned from mylot ? He said as plagiarism by mylot. What this reason is True ? I'm only think is multiple account not allowed on mylot. So can you tell me whether it can make in our banned by mylot? Thanks you very much for all the information !
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@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
21 Mar 09
The thing about Mylot is that they want original content so they frown on those that would use other people's content without giving credit were credit is due. So if you take an article from another place or person to use in your discussion you are asking from trouble. Starting discussions that others have started and using their exact words is the same thing and will get that person a warning or even banned. It's always better to come up with your own content for discussions.
• Kuta, Indonesia
21 Mar 09
thanks for your explanation of its, then whether there are other reasons, that we can make the banned ?
@mysdianait (65079)
• Italy
21 Mar 09
There are many other reasons too srikandi19. If a user continually violates the myLot site then he/she is abusing it and will eventually lose their account. Make yourself familar with the Guidelines There are also links to the TermsofUse and the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) at the bottom of every page.
• Kuta, Indonesia
22 Mar 09
Thank you for the all info. I don't want to be banned
@kun2349 (23464)
• Singapore
24 Mar 09
THere are more than one rules and term which cna banned a member from mylot.. PLagiarism is one of them, and it's serious because he is not working as hard to earn money like everyone else.. He just wants the easy way out and thus he should be banned.. Imagine, your friend is copying all of your post, and starting them as is own, after which he gets alot more responses than u, how will u feel?? Other than that, spamming is also of the reasons for being banned.. Actually, mylot is not as strict as compared to other sites, and if they decide to ban any members, it can only mean that the member deserves it..