Are performance drugs as serious a problem in the MLB as the media makes out?

@joniebee (182)
March 21, 2009 9:09am CST
I am quite a new fan of Baseball and the MLB,And also i live in the United Kingdom.My question is to do with doping in the MLB and how rife it is,As a fan of the league i am very concerned by the media attention focused on doping,And there seems to be a steady conveyor belt of stars being tested positive for some substance or other,Like the very best players are involved,And then an argument is played out in the public domain with usually the players denying all allegations and the media saying otherwise.So my question again,Are performance enhancing drugs as serious a problem in the MLB as the media makes out,And do you think it has ruined the reputation of the sport permanently?
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19 Apr 09
Baseball is over 100 years old and it has a history of scandels. Back in 1919, tthe chicago whote Sox were caught trying to throw the World Series and baseball survived it. Me, I am a fan but I really don'y care if the players are using or not using steroids. I am not sure if the media's numbers are overblown or not but never fear , there will always be baseball.As long as fans want to watch it, it will survive.Question, do you like baseball more thNan cricket?