How many women that have men that work out?

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March 21, 2009 10:25pm CST
Ok so my Oldman works out like all the time and does MMA training right so as you can imagine his testosterone level is like always through the roof lol lol. Hes like RAW all the time lol lol sometimes its pretty funny he is never mean about. So I was thinking that maybe I could make an spray for like a room refesherner that all the men have to do is breath it in and it with out them even knowing it helps with testosterone! lol lol This would be so wrong though it would be like giving a man Viagra without him knowing lol lol lol So what do you all think about the spray!
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22 Mar 09
Hi sxrxnrr, My hubby works because he is forever on his racing bike (bicycle) and the only thing he is interested in is eating because he has to have lots calories in him, so the spray won't do anything for him. Tamara
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22 Mar 09
Well it was a nice though any how lol lol thank you