Do you still eat some food eventhough you know they are not good for health?

March 22, 2009 4:33am CST
I like to eat fried food , sweet food and fast food eventhough I know they are not good for my health.But I just can't help eating them.How about you?Do you still eat some food eventhouthg you know they are not good for health? Good luck and happy mylotting.
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@tjsally (287)
• China
23 Mar 09
No, surely I don't. I could restrain myself not to do this. I also like to eat fried food, but I never eat it enough, I know fried food is not good for health. Along with age grows, I pay more attention to the health, especially on nutrition food. Healthy food is necessary and important for our body. Good luck and happy mylotting.
@Ritchelle (3793)
• Philippines
23 Mar 09
i do eat them: cookies, cakes, caramelized popcorn, sweets. i think that they say it's bad for the health because once you get hooked on it health complications follow. but i think moderation always is the key.
@cream97 (29122)
• United States
22 Mar 09
Hi, candy811123! Yes, I do tend to eat a lot of food that isn't good foe me. I love chocolate and sometimes fried food. But, I eat the chocolate more. I am trying to do my best in staying away from it, but it is very hard. When my hubbie goes out shopping, he will bring back snacks. But, I will eat them. It is hard to resist. I am monitoring my food habits though.. I really am trying... I am glad that I don't look unhealthy.
• Japan
22 Mar 09
No. When I know it is not healthy then I no longer eat it or cook it. Or i may cook it in a different way. My husband is diabetic and I only cook food that are healthy. I still fry food but i make sure I use virgin olive oil or I use canola oil. We try to stay away on fast food and lucky that me and my husband knows how to cook. We also eat out but mostly grilled or sushi bar.
@srganesh (6341)
• India
22 Mar 09
Yes!I like pakkodas and vadais as my side dish.They are all deep fried items and I know,they are not good for my health.But I can't help avoiding them.Without them,I feel my meals are not completed.We have some weakness in food habits and we shall restrict their usage to some limits.Cheers!
@kawalnarang (1095)
• Trinidad And Tobago
22 Mar 09
no matter how much I avoid the junk food,, there are times,, Once a month,, I fall for that and I do eeeeeeeeeeeat,,I did cut down on a lot of fatty foods for sure,,
22 Mar 09
We can't all eat everything that is good for your health, we all deserve a nice treat every now and again. I try to eat as healthy as possible but some days I just feel like something a bit more sweet and unhealthy, as long as I don't go over-board with eating rubbish I don't see that its a problem.
@benny128 (3616)
22 Mar 09
everything is good for you in moderation, might not be healthy in the true sense of the word but if say you eat fast food and you enjoy fast food then you will feel happy. Also the body needs a ceratin level of fat and so called un-healthy foods to generate energy. Tho I do agree that its got to be in moderation take coffee its addictive and contains caffeine and sugar if you like sugar in your coffee. Everything is bad for you in large amounts but I live my life with everything in moderation.