Are You Confused When It Comes To Gift Someone??

@Archie0 (4835)
March 22, 2009 4:36am CST
Do you get confused what to gift your girl or guy or any special friend or relative? i really get too confued as what should i gift, i dont want to choose wrong for anyone and make them feel sad.sometimes it is really difficult to tkae out what they actually like. There was one friend of minewith whom i broke up long back, use to irritate me whenever he gifted me.his gifts use to irritate me a lot, he use to give me any weird thing with which i prefered not to get any gift in his case and from that now i really think 100 times before gifting anyone so do you have any ideas what we should gift a guy??or girl?? I think according to me, a girl always likes flowers of her choice, some lunch or dinner, shopping with her guy ofcourse, movies, chocolates, fav CD of songs, a song dedications, and above all a surprise travelling ticket, lol
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• Philippines
23 Mar 09
It is not easy for me to give gifts to somebody. I would always know first what are the things that he likes best and what he dislike. But if I don't know the person well, I just give something which is loved by everyone.
@se7enthbird (8324)
• Philippines
23 Mar 09
lucky i havea wife who thinks about what to give to my relatives on a occasion. that takes off the burden to me. har har har. so when it comes to buying gift for my wife i really have to brain storm. she is a simple person and it is not that easy to buy her gift, or maybe i am not just good on thinking. and it is not cool to ask her. last valentine we wnt out for lunch just the two of us she has a cool gift for me and i gave her a bunch of yellow flowers. ishe loves it but i know i didnt top the gift she gave me
• China
22 Mar 09
I often ask for my friend's opnions then choose the best gift to send.If you know about the person very well you may know his/her habbit or what he/she want.I usually choose something which price is acceptable and the person needed as well.
@djemba (767)
• India
22 Mar 09
It is a nightmare for me to buy a gift for someone as I am so very confused about what to buy that will suit them and will be of their liking that I lose all focus and generally end up buying something that is totally irrelevant for them. In others I have a gifting blackout. My girlfriend was totally taken aback by how confused I get when I try buying gifts. Whereas, the girls find the gifts very special to them and I generally end up ruining what is most special to them. So yes, I am always confused while buying gifts. But whenever girls are concerned I always make it a point to buy chocolates for them. It is better than nothing and acts as a buffer to the gift that they will soon unwrap.