Myths about food habits

March 22, 2009 2:11pm CST
Many a times one gets confused about what food habits are good for health and what is not. A few has come to my mind which I'm not to sure about? 1) During working hours regular cups of sweetened tea and coffee is sufficient to provide the required energy. 2) To loose weight you need to check your intake for food having high starch and fat contents. High protein diets are okay for losing weight. 3) Going by common sense, when too much eating leads to weight gain then skipping meals is a good way to loose weight. Can you clear my confusion? Are you in a similar dilemma about other eating habits.
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• India
22 Mar 09
hi vicky, for first question my suggestion is instead of taking tea or coffee u can take dates fruit. so u can gain more energy. Taking regularly Tea and coffee is not good for health for second question drink more water minimum 5 liters per day and take mostly fruits in dinner time if you take pulka it is also good. and for last question no if u skipp meals then you loose your energy and that will shows effect on your body we must and should eat food for one time in a day that will collect proteins and you will be healthy.. Regards RK
• India
23 Mar 09
Your suggestion was nice, much similar to what i had in mind.
@Canellita (12056)
• United States
22 Mar 09
Regular cups of sweetend coffee or tea have nothing to do with nutrition and energy. The reason you seem to get energy from something sweet is because the body has a certain level of the blood sugar needed to support activity. This is best achieved by high glycemic foods taken early in the day unless you are diabetic. Orange juice will awaken the brain better than apple juice because of the amount of natural sugar, or glucose it contains. Skipping meals is not a good idea for anything other than fasting with a specific purpose such as cleansing at the goal. Skipping meals to lose weight will only result in binge eating later on and more weight gain. To lose weight, drink water, eat plenty of grains, vegetables and a decent amount of fruit (watch out for sugar) and lay off the animal based proteins.