A licensed pilot without arms

March 22, 2009 5:40pm CST
Do you know Jessica Cox? Jessica Cox is a happy 25-year-old Filipina-American woman. She have two black belts from the American Tae Kwon-Do Federation and the International Tae Kwon-Do Association. She plays the Piano, Drives a car, texts her friends on her cell phone and puts on her contact lenses all by herself. and what more, she have NO ARMS! Yes, she have no arms! It was a rare birth defect, she was born without arms. The doctors can not explain why. Nevertheless she was loved by her parents. And to top it all she is a licensed pilot, flying her airplane with her feet. People like here is amazing and is really inspiring. Hope you're inspired with her story too. happy mylotting
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@kirei24 (252)
• Philippines
30 Mar 09
Yeah i know who Jessica Cox is. I've watched her on news. She's one heck of a woman. I really admire her motivation to do things on her own. She inspires so much people because despite of her condition (which is having no arms at all ) she have done so much thing that you can't imagine she can do. Her story is really a big help for those who are striving in life and for those who have disabilities. So to Miss Jessica Cox. I salute you girl. =)
@kun2349 (23464)
• Singapore
24 Mar 09
YEah, i have read about that report a couple of weeks ago.. Hehe ^_^ I must say that she's really amazing and i really admire her for her attitude towards things.. She has never let her handicap affect her way of life, and instead, she uses her handicap to prove to ple that she's just like normal, or even better than normal ple.. hehe ^_^ I like the fighting spirt in her ^_^
@savypat (20245)
• United States
23 Mar 09
I am always impressed by people who overcome terrible handicaps to do the things they wish to do. i was watching a one legged skier on the TV this week end and was amazed at what he could do. Hat's off to these people
• Australia
23 Mar 09
I love happy endings! Thanks for the inspiration! :-)
@jhenn22 (1242)
• Philippines
22 Mar 09
wow that's really inspiring....i can't imagine how she did it. She is a strong person and very talented. I salute to her parents because they raised her with a strong determination and despite of her defects she still live normally and did the normal things which normal people can do. She will be a good example to people with defects to inspire them, to live as normals, and to make them feel that they have importance and they can can do something which normal can't do. its really an amazing story. thanks for sharing it with us. happy posting!...see you around...
@redhotpogo (4435)
• United States
22 Mar 09
Yes. Inspiring, and interesting. Something smells like feet in here. Salamat