Why can't people live healthier lives?

United States
March 22, 2009 9:14pm CST
This has got to be my favorite conversation, because I've always wondered why people can't live healthier lives? Everyone I see past the age of 40 years old has this huge stomach, belly, waist, or whatever you call it; belly fat. Even the really healthy and active ones cannot shake that belly fat, even the skinny and light weight individuals. They just can't get rid of that belly fat that young people don't have. And it can't be the metabolism because I know some older people who run 5 miles a day, play basketball, swim, and all that good stuff; plus they don't eat that much anyway. My guess, every single one of them needs a cleanse....So when I get older I'll do everything I can to not get that belly fat. But, I'm young, I suppose that I still have time. Now why can't I live a healthy live? Well first of all, I did, I went to the store with my mom. (I'm 18 years old btw) And she couldn't afford all of the healthy foods I was putting in the basket. Homegrown food and organic food is just too plain expensive. She says that we have to eat Top Ramen and Ginger ale all the time. I was like, COME ON! So, "A" the price. "B" the fact that we live such stressful and demanding lives. We're too busy to eat healthier, we don't have the time to exercise or eat healthy. It is always on the go. GO GO GO!!! My grandmother always wants unhealthy foods and RC Cola and Coca Cola. I was like, come on, don't you want to live just a bit longer? I don't blame her, as depressed as I am, I'd have to say that her live is miserable. And "C" now I said healthier lives. So there's more to live than eating healthy. You've got to exercise. You've got to fill your house with oxygen rich plants. You've got to have an air filter like the metal ones that take up electricity. You've got to wash your clothes, bathe, and wear natural clothes. Wear sunscreen every time you leave the house. Or go outside. So, "C" lack of MOTIVATION. What motivates us?
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• Sweden
25 Mar 09
First off I have to say you're so right about the prices on healthy food. It pisses me off especially since I'm a vegetarian. But about "B" I think you're kinda wrong on that one. It's not the stress but the laziness that is the cause. Sure it's easy to blame stress like everything else but when it comes down to is you're sitting on the sofa watching the show of the season instead of exercising, isn't it so? And what's funny about that is that eating right and exercising would make you less of a target of stress (I don't have any facts on that but I recall a study on that). And that brings us to your "C". The motivation. I honestly have no idea what motivates me and to be quite frank with you I'm probably THE most unmotivated person on earth. But just 7 weeks ago my mom and I (I'm 18 too btw) started to exercise 6 days a week with something called Hip Hop Abs we had seen on TV Shop one day. We just set a date and now instead of just sitting on the sofa and never getting up we go straight to the TV when my mom gets home from work and work out. So I'd say having someone by your side is a big motivation and having a schedule of what to do. So try not being alone in whatever your choice of exercise is, whether it's running, the gym or joining a soccer team that you fancy. And it's obviously difficult to have a bigger influence in your home if it's not you that's buying the food etc. but when you're living on your own you'll be able to take that step easily.