Help,my printer "catch" the paper

March 23, 2009 7:49am CST
Hi,my friends,there was something wrong with my printer this morning,when i printed,the first two piece of paper was normal,but the third piece was "caught"by the printer ,i haven't met this kind of problem before,it has been all right since i bought it last year, so i'm afraid and at a loss,i tried to pull the paper out,but it was so hard to do that.I don't know what happened to my printer,did it break down?Will it be repaired or can only be replaced?What can I do?Can anyone help me?Looking forward....
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@williamjisir (22821)
• China
25 Mar 09
epson c43ux - This is the printer that I have been using for years.
Hello holly. I have been using EPSON C43UX for quite a few years and sometimes I have the same problem. I think that most of the cases are caused by my not having placed the printing paper in a good position. Sometimes it can be also caused by the wet weather. It is not much of a problem, I guess. Of course, it is very frustrating when this happens. But anyway, I hope that your printer is in good use again. Good luck to you, friend.
• China
26 Mar 09
Hello,william,Thank you for your response and comfort.I will treat it better from now on ,LOL...Yes,i think that problem maybe caused by the wrong position of paper,i will pay attention to that later.And i'm glad that it has been normal now,i hope the same problem won't happen again.Thanks again for your kind response.Best wishes to you.
@charblaize (1028)
• United States
23 Mar 09
my printer done that aaallll the time. it would get very frustrating. then i just started putting in how many sheets i would need to print. if it was two pages, i would only put in two sheets of paper. i would take the "crushed" paper out, clean it out, blow it out, or use one of the computer blower cleaners. mine would work after i done all that. after time the roller does wear out, but i had my printer for over 6 years. i hope this helps and it still works after you do this. if not, it may just be cheaper to get another printer than to have it fixed. some are really cheap now.....
• China
25 Mar 09
Hi,charblaize,thank you for your advice.This is the first time i met this kind of problem.So,i'm nervous at the outset,LOL....but,now i know that this is a common problem to printers,I have tried to repair it in the way that you just do and made it at last,it has been well-balanced now.Thank you very much.Great day to you and happy mylotting!
• Philippines
30 Mar 09
Please consult a printer technician, might it have a problem about paper feeding mechanism