What is the promotion tric k you would like to use?

promotion - to get raised
March 23, 2009 10:58am CST
peoples who do lot of work .. will do lot of mistakes. peoples who work's less.. will do less mistakes. peoples who donot work .. makes no mistakes and the peoples who makes no mistakes will get promoted. So what you would like to do to get good promotion?
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@Browisn (782)
• United States
23 Mar 09
Hi MAHESH, I don't think tricks really work in the long run. Those people who do no work and get promoted will be found out in the end and they will loose more than they have gained. I think the best method is to do the best job you can do and be satisfied that you are not compromising your values. Be true to yourself and persevere. You will be be rewarded for you efforts. Happy MyLotting...
@Browisn (782)
• United States
30 Mar 09
So what do you think about my comment?