Childhood Pyromania

United States
March 23, 2009 1:30pm CST
As a young boy, I went through a pyromania stage, Most young boys I know of, have had this same stage, I don't think theres anything wrong when this happens. unless it becomes an absolute fascination. I used to burn leaves and papers in my backyard. I was "careful" building a rock circle, or using the side of a brick garage, to "contain" the fire. I even used nail polish remover a few times to accelerate the fire. Never causing anyhting big or out of control, never left it unattanded, or did it on windy days. never burned anything in my house My mom was careful, it was very difficult for me to get ahold or a cigarette lighter or matches to play with. not impossible though (a child can get ahold f anything if they truly want it) My question is for all the boys and girls, men and women. Did you have a pyromania stage? how big was the fires you created? indoors? outdoors? did you take precautions? what did you burn? did oyu use anything to accelerate the fire? any other input? Id lao like to hear form parents as im bound to face this sooner or later myself, and how you've dealt with this stage with your children.
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