Open House~ Do you have an Aunt Penny or are you one?

You will be missed and remembered - In Loving Memory of Great Aunt Penny
@MySpot (2602)
United States
November 10, 2006 4:09pm CST
I do and am. My Aunt Penny had the biggest heart and home is where the heart is... her home was home to anyone who needed a warm place to sleep. She was inviting and accepting, compassionate and generous. She would feed the baby birds that fell out of a tree, the stray kitty or the neighbor kid that didn't have 'real parents'. She'd give you her last dollar, meals as often as you were there, and the clothes off her back. Even though she wasn't your relative, she was your Aunt Penny. She was my Great Aunt from my Father's side. She really was Great! When you visited, her door and heart were always open. She would enlighten you with her giving ways, charm you with her smile, and entertain you with conversation or debate until you left and you never wanted to leave... everyone knew that if you had errands to run or places to go... you did it before going to visit because although, at Aunt Penny's, you could never over-stay your welcome... you always did and you were always glad for the time spent there. Now, I'm visiting Aunt Penny in my dreams, from the other side... but she will always be my favorite aunt, as her character is etched in my heart and she lives on through my being an "Aunt Penny" to all that I know and love. In Loving Memory, GREAT Aunt Penny
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