Why the number of my discussions answered and posted decreased?

@jlamela (4905)
March 24, 2009 3:15am CST
I am wondering why my number of discussions I answered and posted beside my name in close and open parenthesis are decreasing? Yesterday, I had 1,272 already but now after answering 3 discussions I was surprised to see the number decreased by 3 points, because I go back to being 1,269. Why is this so?
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@mymytri (2031)
• India
24 Mar 09
Might be your discussions got deleted by mylot team for violating rules and regulations.If you have responded to a discussion that is beyond mylot rules and regulations and it got deleted,your response will also be deleted so there is decrease in number.Happy mylotting....
@sirrob (4112)
• Philippines
24 Mar 09
There are posts that were deleted from you either you have violated the terms and guidelines or someone violated that and it happened that you are are also responding in that discussion. It may not be your fault but it's gone now.
@maezee (40967)
• United States
24 Mar 09
It's most likely because discussions you respond to are getting deleted. For example, repeat discussions or discussions where the author has included their referral links - are bound to get deleted by admin/moderators, and when the discussion gets deleted - your response does too, so naturally your number is going to go down. Just try to take a peek at myLot's guidelines and see what discussions you're responding to that aren't allowed so you can avoid this in the future.