life without dobermans

rugger - hes 4yrs old my big baby
United States
March 24, 2009 3:17am CST
i would like to say i dont think i could go on without my big baby is rugger i got him almost 4yrs ago from a lovely couple..he became too much for i took him what a wonderful lover of a dog he is..i cant amagine me without him...he controls my whole world ...he's the type you know bull in a china shop...cant take him to doggie parks he wants to be the only one...can't take him for a walk he'll drag you...cant leave food out he'll help himself...but will love you forever...i also have a 10 yr old min-pin WHO i might add buts rugger in his place in no time flat...rugger is 6'4 " on his hine legs...beautiful marmaduke hehehe...he head dives in the bed...and will nurse on his boobahah for hours...if he bit someone they wouldnt get loose..hed be a good police dog heheehe..sorta he'd get them but im afraid he wont let go...he wont let anyone touch me all i have to say is dont let them touch will see teeth..he has a habit of tearing your clothes off heheh he loves TUG and will sit til you give up..
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@Calais (10899)
• Australia
7 May 09
They are the best dogs.Ive owned them for years, and I will always continue to own them.