would you agree that greed...

@sammy14 (834)
March 24, 2009 4:47am CST
Everyhting today is in dis-array! People are out of jobs... without money... without houses to live on.. some are bankrupt and some are commiting suicide!! Bad business decissions, mismangement, bad policies these are but some of the reasons why these are all happening... but do you agree with me that the bottomline of all of these is greed!! Some people want to have everything all for themselves!!
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@paula27661 (15898)
• Australia
24 Mar 09
It does seem that the more some people have the more they want! We have a famous clothing company here in Australia that is getting rid of 1850 workers as it decided to stop manufacturing in Australia. While these 1850 people are wondering how they are going to keep their homes the chief executive was paid $5.8 million when he retired last year from a position which paid $1.5 million per year; the woman who took over his job collected $1.86 million in 2007-08. Some of the sacked workers were interviewed on Australian television and many were reduced to tears when asked about their prospects for the future. So yes I agree with you some people want to have everything all for themselves!!