Who can tell how can i get a task on mylot ?

March 24, 2009 5:01am CST
I have on mylot several days ,but i have not get a task any more . Who can tell me how can i get a task on mylot ? Where the task come from ? Thanks !
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@haoli1118 (121)
• China
26 Mar 09
I also want to get the tasks, and see it's funny or not
@May2k8 (12530)
• Indonesia
24 Mar 09
Tasks came from Task Creator, you can get a task in tasks menu. From Tuesday night, Task Creator create more task.
• India
24 Mar 09
Have some patience, my friend... We are all in the same boat as you are... Well, it has been a few days since mylot has given us any tasks.. Everyday i log in to mylot and check the "tasks" tab to see if new tasks have been allotted.. I think it would take them some days to create new tasks now... lets all wait with bated breaths for the new tasks.. till them keep mylotting!!! It would come sometime... dont worry.....
@Archie0 (5175)
24 Mar 09
hi friend welcome to mylot.well tasks are something a bit proffesional types, what i found because i couldnt do even one task on it this time. they just give you certain work, to be completed within a particualr timing.And if they aprrove it you will be paid as the dedicated amount shown.Well these days there are no tasks at all i dont know whats wrong with this new stimulus package, but i did not see even one task from too many days