It used to be easy for me to make .80, .90 a day here on Mylot

@sudalunts (5526)
United States
March 24, 2009 5:29am CST
Now I find myself struggling to make even .40 in a day. What's happening? Are the discussions no longer interesting to me, am I not looking hard enough for interesting discussion? Just wondering, are you also slacking with your earnings per day, here on Mylot?
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@bunnybon7 (47022)
• Holiday, Florida
25 Mar 09
i seem to be spending more and more time here and yet making less money than began with. so im wondering if they are paying less myself?
@23uday (2998)
• India
24 Mar 09
Hi friend, I am here earning daily is just 30 to 50 cents but not much up to the 1$. Its very best to earn and best for me, I am actively participating here daily giving good responses to discussions ratings, uploading pics with my responses.
@oyenkai (4396)
• Philippines
24 Mar 09
I'm earning less because I'm responding less, I'm responding less because I'm quite busy at work and can't find enough time to make a dollar a day on myLot :P It's good that they released the stimulus package this month, I was able to earn extra on those first few days and am quite content earning just a few cents now :) Thanks for the response on my discussion!
@maximax8 (31169)
• United Kingdom
24 Mar 09
I have been a member of My Lot for more than two years. Over this period of time the My Lot earnings have varied. About four months ago I set myself the challenge of earning more than a dollar in a single day. I managed to do that after a few attempts and it was a possible thing to do. Earlier this month I had a very good day on My Lot finding some excellent discussions to respond to and then got my own ideas for discussions that I began myself. I earned $1.01 and that was challenging to do. The earnings on My Lot have gone down I am sure. I earn less than I used to I think. It is the interesting discussions and the friendships that mean most to me. My earnings are just a bonus for me.
@vonvonex (283)
• Philippines
24 Mar 09
I agree with you sudalunts... I am new here and I usually do 50 or more posts per day but now, I am also struggling to do at least 20 posts per day. I am having a hard time looking for interesting topics for me to give my best respond. Also, I am seeing topics that have already been discussed. Now, I only do like most would be 5 - 10 posts per day.. Man.... I wish I can do 100 posts per day with 4-8 lines each. But since there are only few interesting topics that have been started, I'm only doing few responses.
@James72 (26829)
• Australia
24 Mar 09
My own earnings have reduced by about 30% or so over the last couple of months, but this is purely because I can't spend as much time on here lately due to work committments. Although there is no set earnings formula here, it's at least straightforward in the sense that we get back what we put in, so my reductions are certainly no surprise to me.