Why should I vote ?

@nainesh1 (1656)
March 24, 2009 7:50am CST
why should i take part in voting, when almost all the leaders are cheatters & they tend to forget the voter's problems.
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@PrarieStyle (2485)
• United States
24 Mar 09
The more people that vote and get involved from the bottom up the more the odds are that the cheaters can be stomped out before they get to the top.
@saktiyp (53)
• Indonesia
24 Mar 09
yes, i agree....
• India
24 Mar 09
The one good use/reason I find for voting in an election, where you like none of the candidates is that you will not be impersonated to serve some end by an interested party who could cleverly manipulate your not having visited the polling booth, to do proxy-voting in their favor. May be if you had voted you would not have voted for that party which managed proxy-voting!?!
@Arkie69 (2156)
• United States
24 Mar 09
I don't vote. I never have and I never will. It is a waste of time to vote in a national election. These idiots are going to do what ever they want to no matter how we vote. I look at it this way If I vote for someone they are going to rip a bunch of people off including me and I flatly refuse to give them my permission to do do that. If you vote for them and they win then you are giving them your permission to do what ever they want to. Art
@xfahctor (14128)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
24 Mar 09
Because the more poeple there are that think like that, the few of us there are to fight the battle. The fewer there are who vote, the fewer there are that hold the influence. I wonder how many people out there this last election said the same thing and didn't vote. Now, what if everyone who said that exact same thing actually went out and voted for a third party candidate? Lets have a look and see what might have been. 56.8% of elegable voters turned out and voted. Of that percentage, thats 132,618,580 voters out of 231,229,580. So, 44.2% or 98,611,000 said mostly the same thing you did. So, what if that same 98,611,000 all got behind a third party candidate? 69,456,897 voted for Obama, 59,934,814 voted for McCain and the rest went to various other thrid parties. If that same 98,611,000 had gotten behind a third party, we would be living in a very different country right now.
@shay3434 (882)
• Israel
24 Mar 09
Hey! You are right that most of the politicians in all countries are not doing enough for the voters. Many of them are also using their power (that the voters give them) for their own sake. Politicans almost everytime say something and do something else and this is something that should be change. But, anyway you have to use your right to vote because this is the only way you can have an influence on your country's procedures. You need to choose to the nominated whom you think is the best from all others. This is very important thing in a democratic country. If no one will vote so we on't have any democracy in the world and the situation will be much worth. Have a great day.
@kenroxas (131)
• Philippines
24 Mar 09
every vote is important its a choice to make so cheaters will have a hard time to win