Did the price of the cell phone bothering you?

@kd6315 (174)
March 24, 2009 8:10am CST
Well, most of us will look at the price first before buying something, right. However, sometime the cell phone is too expensive to buy but you still want it, so how will you do? Buy it straight away without taking another second to think about it or vise versa?
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@Yori88 (1468)
• Philippines
24 Mar 09
This is a very timely topic because last month I just had a strong liking with one particular cellphone but unfortunately I could not afford to buy it. My husband knows about it but since it is still expensive and we are working on a tight budget, he told me to wait few months until the cellphones price goes down a bit. I told him that I really want the cellphone but I understand that he is the only one working and I am taking care of the baby and have no permanent work as of the moment. So I informed him not to dare borrow money from others just to buy that phone for me because I could wait. I will get mad at him once he buy that for me because it is not the right time yet. He knows how much I like the cellphone and I always tell him that I almost memorized the specifications of the phone. He laughs at me because he never saw me before as addicted to a cellphone as I am now. He ask me what if a better one arrives will I still buy the phone I want? And I told him yes. The cellphone I wanted to have is just simple. It's Sony Ericsson T700 in pure silver. I told him that I will buy that once I get back to work and earned enough money. By December 2009 I believe the price will go down so I could afford to buy it. He said he will support me with that wish. My birthday is next month and there is no way I could have that cellphone. I already accepted that fact (sigh.) I just look on the brighter side that I am still lucky because I have a cellphone more cheaper but still of good quality he bought for me few days ago.
@kd6315 (174)
• Malaysia
24 Mar 09
Sometime the price didn't go down to much in a year. Last time i wait almost 2 years for the price of N95 halve...
@sk66rc (4257)
• United States
24 Mar 09
I usually don't buy a cell phone just for a sake of buying a cell phone... I try to wait till I absolutely need it... I do, however, do get a free or cheap phones every year just for a back up & if I ended up not using that phone, I usually give it away or donate them...