is there an instance that you fell in love without any reason???

March 24, 2009 12:39pm CST
i just need your opinion..
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@springs (926)
• India
24 Mar 09
Yeah,it happend.I saw a girl on my first day of my graduation.She is very beautiful,i started loving her.And when i knew that she is interested in me,i was on top of the hill,nobody is there to stop me.She became a friend and more than a friend.But after somedays i heard that she used me as a pawn to impress somebody,I was broken into tears,here too nobody to stop me.My heart broken. And it happend the same in mylot i saw photo of one girl,i searched for her in mylot and added as my heard.
• Philippines
24 Mar 09
short but nice story..
• Philippines
25 Mar 09
i guess somehow. i didn't like my boyfriend when he first courted me. as a matter of fact i already said no to him. but then when we became friends i woke up one day that he's my boyfriend already. i did not really know at first how it all happened. besides i don't really like anything about him. and he's never been special to me. but i think there's always a reason for everything. and it all happen because of one reason and that's for sure. that i fell in love with him already. and that's it. anyway, happy mylotting.
@coldmoon (1091)
• France
24 Mar 09
Hi angelbymistake, I think that true love is always fallen in without any reason. If there exist reasons, love will become conditional. The only acceptable reason is fate. However, loves doesn't mean being together, and in order to be together, several reasons will be required.
@pricelis (86)
• United States
24 Mar 09
I believe theres always a reason.