Did the HARRY POTTER movies matched up with their respective books in quality?

March 24, 2009 2:38pm CST
No, ofcourse not. But for those who had not read the HARRY POTTER books, the movies can certainly be a wonderful experience of the virtual magical world with exciting adventures, emotional dramas, excellent fantasies, interesting creatures and magic. But the truth is that the movies were not able to portray the complete plots and subplots portrayed in the books. It is understandable that movies have limitations of its time frame and also budget limitations. If everything in the books have to be included in the movies, then the time frame of each movie will definetely cross 10 hour. Also the budget will be huge. all the 5 movies had been excellent when we consider these limitations, then also some people will be disagreeing. The 7th book- HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS is scheduled to be made in 2 parts, ie the last story is cut into 2. It is an excellent decision as we can expect to see all the exciting adventures of the last book on the celluloid. They could have made all the other movies also like that - in 2 or more parts. Then nothing could have been missed.
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• United States
8 Apr 09
There are only 2 of the movies that I felt didn't hold a candle to the book and that was the Goblet of Fire movie and prisoner of azkaban movie. The Goblet of Fire left so much out that was in the book that it was very annoying, and it was somewhat too teenish for me because of the over-focus on "oh the durmstrongs are handsome and buff, oh and look at the beauxbatons they are so dreamy", and they dont get into the background enough on some of the characters, i didnt like PoA because parts seemed rush and the teen acting was bad. But I really liked the fifth movie because i felt the young actors finally grew into being good at showing emotion and delivering lines....im really looking forward to the remaining movies
• China
30 Mar 09
i hope the movie with the 7th come quickly , i see the book ,very nice!
• United States
26 Mar 09
I don't agree with making all the books into two movies. Fourteen Harry Potter movies would have been too much. Plus they probably would have had to change the actors out. That wouldn't have worked too well. It's a good idea, but it just wasn't feasable. The seventh book almost had to be split, but the others are fine as they are.
@dom1312 (27)
• India
25 Mar 09
Even i like the books more than the movies. Many scenes from the book get edited which takes away quite the excitement. I feel the 5th movie was the worst as compared to other 4 movies with respect to the actual story.
@j47lee (740)
• Canada
24 Mar 09
Not really.. i think i like the books better..more details... plus in one part ... they changed some stuffs in the movie...