TV or INTERNET:what would you give up?

@mhayfie (242)
March 24, 2009 10:12pm CST
a survey said that humans today especially those young once cannot live withouth the two=internet and tv... but how about if you just need to live with only of it... what would you give up... me i will give up the Tv since internet is better and more multitasking than Tv set... how bout you?
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@ionsquare (534)
• Singapore
27 Mar 09
Hi, I would definitely give up TV without second thought. I hardly watch TV anymore as I can watch more latest TV programs through video- sharing sites on the Internet. The computer has function like a TV already. Furthermore, a computer has many other functions such as blogging, social- networking, source of information, music, sharing. TV has long been replaced by computer from my point of view.
@myfb2009 (8296)
• Malaysia
25 Mar 09
As for me, l will keep internet. Because through internet, l can watch tv, too and also chat with friends, as well as earning some extra income. Yes, you're right, internet can multitasking where else tv can't. So, internet is the best option that l will choose..
@Effusive (156)
• United States
25 Mar 09
That is a no brainer!!!!! The Boob tube oh yeah you guys call it the TV. The computer is more advanced then the TV, you can get TV on the computer anyways. I have never liked the TV anyways since I was a kid. I never saw the purpose in it as it is the same old things. I would only watch educational things or a TV series that would catch my attention. Why just sit there and get nothing done except watching TV. I feel that TV is for relaxing and not the way most people use it now a days. They do nothing as they are watching the boob tube all day. The quality of shows is nothing like what is used to be either. Computer wins hands down I would keep that.
@onabreak2 (1161)
• United States
25 Mar 09
This is an easy one. I would give up the TV because you can get TV on your computer now if you have the internet. There are actual free sites that you can go to and watch your favorite shows. I live on the west coast and when Big Brother is on, I can go get a east coast live feed and watch it three hours earlier then I can on my TV. So I would lose the TV before I would the internet.