Does this Dream Mean Something?

March 25, 2009 5:52am CST
I want to tell ahead that I am not young anymore, but i want to share you this dream that lately bothers me,now i keep asking myself why? I had a boyfriend before,he was so kind and very supportive,he is also an artist like me,when i was in trouble he never left me alone. but due to some reasons regarding my job we parted our ways i left without knowing what was the real status of our relationship, but honestly i felt he didn't love me that much, i mean he can afford to loose me(this was how i felt) after more than a year, i started to see him in my dreams,and when i dreamed of him i wonder why the whole night until the morning i wake up he is there...i mean it's a very long dream and it's only him in there. usually when we dream it is short and ends in a different scenes, but when i dreamed of my boyfriend it lasts until morning. before,i just ignore it but now it's been years,i see him in my dreams in a different situation, different topics but the same length of time, can anyone share some opinions? does this mean something or just ignore it.
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