A 90 year old senior started learning English after retirement at 60

March 25, 2009 7:10am CST
The news inspires a lot much younger but complaining about learning English. The gentleman started learning English as a hobby after retirement and as a company after his wife passed away. He is ready to participate in a language context together with his grandson. The learning has kept him in positive mood and swift in thinking and active in movement.
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@Oscarchen (123)
• China
26 Mar 09
It's a great case to explain lifelong learning. When you keep learning, you can keep positive mood and swift in thinking. Just like a machine, If it don't work for a long time, it will be rusty.. As youngers, the gentleman is a good teacher. We should work hand.
@underdogtoo (9588)
• Philippines
25 Mar 09
I like learning and it doesn't matter how old a person is if he or she wants to learn something new then they should just do it. I am poor but I am learning how to be wealthy. I will do it one day, be rich and wealthy. Cheers!!
@maximax8 (31168)
• United Kingdom
25 Mar 09
This goes to show that it is never too late for a person to begin learning. Many people sit around and get bored when they retire. However this man began learning English and he found it so very enjoyable indeed. It was sad for him when his wife passed away but he carried in life with a positive mood. It is excellent that he is able to help his grandson with his learning of English. Mature students can do very well indeed with their studies.
@hotsummer (10821)
• Guam
25 Mar 09
learning is a continued process. we should keep adding knowledge as we get older . so whether we are good in english or not when we get old. we should get our mind active by doing some learning so that we will not get dementia. he is a good example what people should be doing. that we should not stop learning new things. discovering new things. and see what our mind are capable. it is nice to see that the brain is like a muscle. the more we use the more it gets better.
@zandi458 (28117)
• Malaysia
25 Mar 09
This is a very inspiring story. Learning is a lifelong process. It is beneficial especially to senior citizens as it stretches the mind and retard the aging of the brain. We should always be curious. For knowledge will not acquire us, we must acquire it.
• India
25 Mar 09
wow he is an ideal man.we should learn from him ,he proved that age is no bar to learn anything,hats off to him ,i salute him,great job uncle.
@cher913 (25844)
• Canada
25 Mar 09
hey good for him to start a new hobby! i think you need to do stuff to keep your mind active and your fingers busy even when you are young. i have a ton of hobbies from crafts to reading to blogging and plan to do them til the day i die!