what scares you that most people find ridiculous?

@Ritchelle (3795)
March 25, 2009 7:12am CST
i'm scared of lizards, frogs and snakes (that is when i see its reverse white, breathing, palpitating side). guess, they're called reptiles. so i'm scared of reptiles. mice, cockroaches and spiders are nothing to me.
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@jengoss (145)
• United States
29 Mar 09
I don't blame you at all about being scared of reptiles. My family thinks I am crazy because I am scared of snakes. They didn't used to be a big fear of mine, until July 2007. I was outside and was bitten by a poisonous snake. I now have a big fear of them. If you look at my profile, you can see the discussion about my experience there.
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@madasp (563)
• United States
26 Mar 09
Thunderstorms. I'm not sure why I just know I've been terrified of storms for as long as I can remember. So needless to say I spend a lot of summer nights sleeping in the basement where I feel safer LOL.
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