super sport

United States
March 25, 2009 11:13am CST
my oldest son is a super sport he has surgery yesterday on his right knee and not even a hour after he was walking around like nothing has happened, he didnt want any pain meds or anything when he woke up he just said give me food and a drink thats all he wanted then they took hi up to the room to see if he could keep anything down and he got up out of the bed and was walking around on it like if it was a normal day, he is stronger than i am because i would be saying give me some pain meds and let me sleep. sometimes i think kids are stonger that adults when it comes to stuff like that.what do you think?
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• Canada
25 Mar 09
I think you son is very strongh in a sense that pain and discomfort doesn't bother him as much as the next persone,but i would still be careful though he could get up really sore in the next fews day...I hope not!
• Chennai, India
25 Mar 09
I would suggest resting for a while, without putting further stress on those knees. The effect of the pain killers or the local anesthesia given at the time of surgery might not have withdrawn, and that may be the reason. Just have a watch.
• United States
25 Mar 09
I think you are absolutely right about kids. They do seem to bounce back better than adults. I sometimes wonder if it is part of a person's personality also. When my husband had to go to emergency for gall bladder problems, he was pretty tough even though he was very sick. About a day after the problem I asked him if he had taken his pain meds from the hospital. He looked at me like I was crazy. He asked me why in the world I thought he should take pain meds. After all, how can you tell if something is wrong if you don't have pain. Hmmmmmm. I couldn't argue with that. He lost 18 pounds in a week but was back to work within days. He changed his diet and I haven't heard anything since. At least he is low maintenance.