What do you think of the new Facebook?

March 25, 2009 6:58pm CST
There's a saying, if it ain't broken then don't try to fix it. This applies to the new version of Facebook. Facebook used to be such an easy user-friendly site yet it developed to be more technical, thus more annoying and more scrolling. It is now not more about your life but about your friends life as all the newsfeeds talk about your friends or their wall-wall, why would you care about that? Unless you want to stalk them.
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@reichiru (748)
• Canada
26 Mar 09
I totally agree, the new layout is totally annoying. It's not like I really want to know what my friends are doing, maybe only my close friends, definitely not an acquaintance that I added and don't really care about. And the new layout makes Facebook slower for me now, it really gets on my nerves. They should just bring back the old layout and make life easier for everyone, most people don't like the new stuff they've added. I think everything was fine up until all those applications started coming in, and that's when Facebook started doing all those upgrades and stuff.
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26 Mar 09
I Cant stand it! The layout is just disastrous! And i thought the old new facebook layout was bad, this one is worse, and it seems to be getting worse by every update, its pathetic i can see myself drifting away from Facebook if it continues, theyre trying to make it better, when in my opinion is only making it worse off!
26 Mar 09
I'll second that! Totally agree with everything said. Had alot of problems with the chat on there recently too.
@dolphin2406 (1227)
• Poland
26 Mar 09
I prefer the old version, now everything you do gets published, which I don't like, there is no privacy anymore. Maybe I don't want everyone to know that I wrote on your wall, but it still shows. There is no option to undo that. It's true that facebook is a social networking site and its there so you know what your friends are up to, but in my opinion there should be some privacy.
@coolcoder (2019)
• United States
26 Mar 09
I actually like the new Facebook format, which is surprising, considering that I'm one who normally is very resistant to change.