Had you ever tried to listen in an argument?

United States
March 25, 2009 7:52pm CST
Some couples fight, I meant verbally. They argue over many things, even miscellaneous, or trivial stuff. It is not that they lack of good communication. They just don't listen sometimes. Sometimes, one of them is talking, while another is preparing an argument already. They are not listening, but preparing a fight. Sometimes, try to listen peacefully. Try to understand your spouse's situation, or his/her position on that matter. You might develop a good communication.
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• China
26 Mar 09
Sometimes I argue with my bf, I never listen the words he said, I often say some words to hurt his heart, maybe I really should stop to argue and listen what he said, think over his situation.
@aisaellis22 (6449)
• United States
26 Mar 09
Hello clorissa123! I do heard some arguments sometimes, but I didn't intentionally listen to it. Sometimes, on our neighborhood and even on the street sometimes. My husband and I have some a little bit arguments sometimes that not to the point that we are shouting to each other. We all just talk calmly (especially my husband) and try to settle things on that day.
• Philippines
26 Mar 09
Kinda bit annoying, when people argue, they don't even listen to the other side. They think they are right and the other is not. I can't even stop an argument. I mean, if ever I stopped some, they would always say, don't butt in it is none of your business, well in fact it is my business because they make me involved by listening.
@dcaisj (41)
• China
26 Mar 09
Yes,I hate this!EVEN if it is happen I will listenning peacefully.But I have never done like this before.Now I think it is not a good way to communication like this.The argue that happens should show that both sides are not mature!!!!If you love him/her,please listen patiently!Good communication could promote your love!