is money raelly a necessity?

@mhayfie (242)
March 26, 2009 1:41am CST
i have been to province to my couzin for two days. We visited her grandparents in the a barrion somewhere to the central area. The place was very solemn, you can find it along the center of a farm near a spring-a very clean one-we swim over there. Then her grandpa even get there for somewild fish if you may call it since it doesnt came from the sea by the way..hehe..Then at the farm there they will plant rice for a certain season where they get their food for a certain month long after the harvest season they will plant vegeies...See, money for them just a secondary matter since they can live without this stuff(not totally though)... so i wonder why we always claim that money is the number one necessity...Is it really????
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@oderog (733)
• Kenya
26 Mar 09
As you can see buy theses seed to plant, hope they are using money. Money is really necessary without it you will have to follow others to the ground.
• Philippines
26 Mar 09
Yes the money is really necessity for buying food, cloths, dress, and every day needs..
• United States
26 Mar 09
I think it all depends on how and where you were raised. being raised in the US money is basically what life revolves around because without it you learn that you wont have a home, a car, food, clothes and blah blah blah. I suppose if you live in a place where you were raised to grow your own food and always had your clothing made for you money wouldnt be a necessity. I think each person will be way different with their answers because in my eyes to get the things i want and that make me happy i need to make money.