Blog 'Claimed' but still Pending

March 26, 2009 8:24am CST
Yeah, I have my own blog site. Pretty boring really, usually just what goes on in my life etc etc etc, though I'm sure it is a great read if you are suffering from insomnia or really, really, really, really, REALLY bored. Ok, maybe not that boring or I wouldn't read it to edit it. I've rss fed it to the parenting website I am with (to save time and energy) and then discovered mylot accepts the same feeds (I knew about blogs, but wasn't sure if they accept everyones blogs. Great, that would mean you can all see what I am upto without me having to become a cracked record and repeat my work umpteen times (I have kids and don't need to have another 'cracked record' experience lol.) Well, I went through the set up, made sure my content wasn't just 'dear diary' material (every thing I publish is of a more intellectual and entertaining quality than that) and sat back awaiting for it to be approved. The rss feed claim happened pretty quickly, so my blog has been 'claimed', but I am still waiting for it to be 'approved'. Currently, the status is 'claimed but pending'. What does that even mean? I'm thinking it means that the approval for the blog is waiting for some busy mylot admin to push the 'go' button on it, but I can't be sure. Now, I started this about a month ago (my time judgement isn't all that good at the moment- have kids and no sleep) and I am still waiting for it to be approved or denied. Does it usually take this long? Am I going to have to wait much longer? Is there anyone who does have to approve them, or is it an automated system? Are they even accepting new blogs? If not, then why still have the tool their for people to add their blogs? I'm just really confused about how it all works, considering that it has been 'claimed' but not 'approved' for over a month now. I'm kind of hoping their are other members here who's blogs have been approved, and that they will be able to give novice me a hint or 2 (maybe more?- ok, I won't push my luck lol). And while we are here, what sort of content would you be looking in a blog before you would read it? Curiosity might kill this cat, but satisfaction will bring me back lol. Please feel free to tell me how strange I am, or laugh at my novice status and naivety, I am learning and laugh at myself quite often.
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