whose photo is in your burse?

@lingzi (568)
March 26, 2009 9:06am CST
there is a story about the photo in the burse. a man went to the market to buy fish casualy. the seller told the man when he dickered that his wife was always bought fish from there and never dickered , she would get the most fresh fish with cheapest price. the man was puzzled"how do you konw my wife " the seller said"many times i saw your picture in her purse when she opened it to get money, i do konw you" the man who never cooking before did cook for his wife that day.after having supper,he asked to look at the photo in her purse,is't a one-inch photo used in certificate. he was moved deeply.then he asked one of her photos ,and put it in his burse. is there any photos in your burse??? whose??
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