Whom they fight.....

March 26, 2009 11:16am CST
Will betta fish only attack its female or it will attack any fish near him.I heard some guys say that the betta will not attack other fish and it will attack only its female.
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24 Apr 09
Male bettas will generally fight with any other Betta, male or female whereas the females can usually be kept together without any major fighting. I Siam (as it used to be called) they people would put two male bettas in bowls to fight each other (betting on which fish would win). These fish did not have the long fins or fancy colors that the pet shop bettas have now. But with breeding, some of the fish began to have more color and longer fins so they began to breed for these traits but they have not bred out the fighting trait that they have. Generally they are alright with other fish but I would not keep gouramis in with them because the bettas might think the gourami is another Betta and attack it. Likewise you do not want fish that are known fin nippers or you will have a short finned Betta that is not very happy.also even though they can live in small containers, they should have at least a gallon of water per fish and it should be kept at 78 to 84 degrees for it to be in best health. After all you wish to be a responsible pet owner, don't you?
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26 Mar 09
I have had a few Bettas the past few years, I usually get them to match the room they are in....the boys have a white one in their room and the rocks change depending on what the kids are into and sometimes we throw some action figures in there or whatever makes it look entertaining, my daughter has a white one and it has pink rocks and a purple light. We have one in the kitchen that is red and it matches the colors in there and the bathroom we have a blue one to match that room. We usually keep them by themselves however the one in the kids room has some regular feeder fish in there, like small goldfish looking, and they dont bother them. So to answer the question you can put them in with another kind of fish. I dont think they fight with all bettas, isnt it just the male and female that fight, or the male and male?!? Hmmmm....I dont know. Well enough ramble..........