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United States
March 26, 2009 2:11pm CST
The first time I saw this film, I hardly left the couch; I was absolutely glued to my seat! Charlie Sheen was awesome in his role and so believeable as the young and confused soldier not knowing which authority figure to admire. William Defoe was great, too, as the tough yet understanding NCO who would gladly give his life for his troops and his troops for him. His was not a shallow role. He really got into it and it showed. One of the characters (I don't know his name except he plays Dr. Cox on "Scrubs") plays a whiny, butt kissing soldier always trying to curry the favor of the squad's captain (without much success). He instead of being a good character comes across as silly and embarrassing. (It took me quite a few episodes of watching "Scrubs" to get that image out of my head and realize that these were two different characters!) One of the scariest parts to me was when Charlie Sheen fell asleep on guard duty. What a suprise that scene turns out to be, but you gotta' watch the movie! Anyway, all the characters were believeable in their respective roles, but it seemed as soon as you really got to know and like one or two in particular, they got wounded or killed, but I guess that's war, huh? I highly recommed this movie; there's just enough violence and gore to satisfy even the strongest of stomachs and plenty of action to keep you guessing until the very end of the film. Rent it, borrow it or burn it, but definitely watch it. Five thumbs up!
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• Cyprus
28 Mar 09
I completely agree with your description! It is one of my favorite movies.. I don't think i need to mention any of the details as why this is a great movie , you've covered everything! Except the fact that you can also see Johnny Depp play a small role in this as well :p As for John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox) , i couldn't believe he ever played a character like that! I got used to the idea of the "almighty" Dr. Cox , so it was a surprise.. Even though he played the stupid one in Office Space as well, but that's a completely different story :P Anyway.. I really admire the way this movie was made , i suppose it really delivers the feelings of the soldiers on the battlefield, which is something really fascinating to watch.
• United States
28 Mar 09
thanx for clearing up the "Dr. Cox" mystery. what a dork he played, huh? I guess I enjoyed it so much since I was in the Army and could identify with the enlisted soldiers. Wasn't William Defoe great in his role? Thanks for responding.
• Cyprus
30 Mar 09
True! William Dafoe really did an excellent job. I think this might be his best movie! Every character was extremely believable though and i think this helped in the overall quality of the film, which makes his performance have even more value. Platoon is a definite classic! As for Dr. Cox , i also think that his line in the movie "What do you say there Bob?" , is successfully used in Scrubs , when he refers to the chief of medicine Dr. Bob Kelso. I don't know if it is a common expression , or it's his trademark or something , but in Office Space his characters' name was Bob again. Coincidence? :p Anyway , i just found it interesting when i watched Platoon as he used to say this all the time on the first seasons of Scrubs.
@nunoasl (166)
• Portugal
19 Mar 10
i like to watch the film 'Platton' the war films are cool to watch...
@la_chique (1498)
26 Mar 09
I havnt seen that. May check it out. I'm going to watch The Haunting in Connecticut tomorrow night at the cinema. I'm so excited. It should be scary as hell! I hope it is.