Sir Elton John's birthday

@cher913 (25865)
March 26, 2009 3:39pm CST
Elton John's birthday was yesterday i believe and i have heard how extravagent he tends to be and i was wondering, if you had $50,000.00 to spend on your birthday, what would you do for it? take all your friends/family on a cruise (which is what i would do) rent an island for a party? what?
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@la_chique (1498)
26 Mar 09
Wow $50,000? I'd have a round the world trip with my bf :) I dont like elton john though. I mean I like his songs but as a person he's just horrible. He throws tantrums when he doesnt get his own way and things. Hes such a spoilt brat.
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@winterose (39897)
• Canada
27 Mar 09
being poor all my life even if I was suddenly rich, I do not think that I would spend 50,000 on a birthday party, I would rather give that money to starving children.
@rocketj1 (6960)
• United States
26 Mar 09
That is what MANY people earn in a whole YEAR of wages and there is no way on earth that I would spend that much! I may go on a small trip with my family but NOTHING extravagant. NO way!