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March 27, 2009 12:03am CST
Hello, since most of you are interested on where I got my online work, I will just share to you the link here. Just click my profile and then go to my website. I found my Australian from the said link, and I got another job offer today, unfortunately the job that I got today is for Filipino only. There are projects being offered there for US residents, UK etc. only. It always depends on each project. My tips for you guys is to be patient, bid even if there are bidders already, some are not serious bidders there, you might get the chance more. Don't bid too low or you will regret it. The site is taking 10% of your earnings so I suggest that you consider this also when bidding. I wasn't aware that they will take the 10 percent of my income but it's ok with me as long as the 90 percent is mine. Make sure that you get updates in your emails for the latest projects of your interest, in that way you wont spend much time in browsing the site all over again. Be patient in applying there, sell yourself best. take note that in every job vacancy now there is always a competitor. Finish the project that you will accept so you can get feedback, more feedback means more potential employers to come. Lastly, to thank me for this help, make sure that you use my link, you owe it to me if you get a job there. I learned about the site from this my lot, someone posted the site before..thanks to him.. Good luck to all!!!
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• Philippines
27 Mar 09
Are you talking about odesk, getfreelancer or other online jobs that need bidding...If I'm right that site is good but unfortunately it really hard to get the job unless you bid so low which is not good because you will paid be lower than what you expected... But really a good site to earn income at home..
• Philippines
27 Mar 09
Its not hard to get any online job if you are patient, if you have the capability to do what is required, there are employer who wont risk the project just because you are being paid low. There are considerate employers who will also consider your qualifications. Have you tried it? Are you accepting projects for low pay? If you are accepting for low pay, then its your problem. Why accept projects that you know that you are underpaid? If you think you cant do the project then tell them, you are working because you want to earn, and not because you want to waste your time. Why are there still members who stay on the said online? Let me answer it for you also.... because they are earning pretty good as I am. You need to have a strategy to earn, better think about what I am saying.
@buenavida (9991)
• Sweden
28 Mar 09
Thanks for your info, it can be useful even for us in European countries. Maybe everyone has some skills that are special - there may be some employer who appreciates that more than getting a cheap deal. After all - if we appreciate ourselves and what we can do, probably others do that too.. This site can be good to know about if my other projects fail or donĀ“t give enough earnings. Thanks a lot....
@hopejordan (3561)
• Australia
27 Mar 09
hi there janelacson i am from Australia i don't understand what sort of job is it let me know take care happy mylotting