Gas or electric stove???

@tontunan (254)
March 27, 2009 10:00am CST
Many people are using gas or an electric stove. We are currently using a gas stove. Which do you think the better one to use? Is it the gas stove or the electric stove?
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@jshekhar (1562)
• India
27 Mar 09
Hello friend, I have not seen a gas stove in my house for more than 15 years now. I have always seen an electric stove here and initially we did keep a gas stove as a reserve, just in case the cylinder got empty but now that we have got connection from a direct pipe line, we do not do need to do that.
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@ShepherdSpy (8561)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
27 Mar 09
If you live in an area where there is a possibility of weather related power cuts or have the possibility of industrial action that could cause them (We get the former here in winter,and I was growing up when the latter happened!) I like to have a Gas cooker,just in case..I think You have more control with a gas cooker than an electric one,anyway..
@mysdianait (65062)
• Italy
27 Mar 09
I don't like gas, it scares me and I changed to electric just over two years ago when I moved. My bills are much less and I can see where I'm saving too. When I used a gas burner the minute I turned it off that was it, no more heat. With electric the burner remains hot for a long time afterwards. Now that I have got the hang of it I turn things off before they are done cooking but the remaining heat is enought to finish them off. So Iprefer electric
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27 Mar 09
In our home,we use a gas stove.I've ne'r really heard of electric stove.But do u know what a bio-stove is??It uses cow-dung as fuel.Nice eco-friendly solution huh??Its quite common here in India.
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@benny128 (3621)
27 Mar 09
I use a gas stove and an electric oven, I guess it all depends on how much your gas and electric costs. Tho I find that the gas stove seems alot hotter than the electric stove I had before I changed to a gas one.
@JoyfulOne (6241)
• United States
27 Mar 09
I have, and prefer, an electric stove. I just never have cared for gas stoves. When I was young and first married, I helped my mother in law in the kitchen, the pilot light needed re-lit and we almost lost our hair from the flash of leaking gasses! So I just don't trust them lol. Besides, at this point in my life, I'm just so used to cooking with electric heat that it's just easier.