need your help

March 27, 2009 8:45pm CST
Hi everyone, I am part of this new organization called chanaak. The organization is just starting up so it is still under it's development stage. The project is directed to protect the hawksbill turtles as they are already on the redlist for species in high risk of extintion. So why do I need your help. First since the project has just started we are developing a website and we need to add content to it like related pictures texts, if you can write something related to it I will really apreciate it, or if you have any related pictures please send them to me. there are different ways you can contact our organization. through facebook (search for chanaak), or also through mylot, or our temporary website that is still under development so you won't find much there the website is it is a free website and soon we will have the domain. so please help us, this is for a good cause, make sure the content you send us is not copywrite or if it is please get the permission to use it as it will be posted on the website. I really apreciate the help of everyone and hope to hear from you soon. Tlacaelel Flores.
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• Mexico
29 Mar 09
I will definitely check it out, i went to that site but so far looks pretty empty so it is definitely still under development, I will also add my friends list to invite them to the facebook page.... good luck with the project