How to do with lazinese?

March 28, 2009 4:45am CST
Hi all. I hate lazinese. but I am lazy. If I could lie I would not sit.If I could sit i would not stand.I know It is a bad habbit. but I feel it is hard to get out of it.anyone in the same situation? how to do with it?
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@srganesh (6340)
• India
28 Mar 09
I don't think it is lazy.In fact,you are utilizing the scene well.Why should you stand while you can sit and why sit when you can lie?I think you are talking about risk taking.That is just mental setup and you can do well as you are aware of yourself.Just think how far you can go and take some small risks.That success will take you to great heights.Cheers!
@krajibg (11924)
• Guwahati, India
28 Mar 09
More or less we all are lazy at one point of time or the other. Ifyou wish to get rid of this Push yourself. Start on something you should be doing. You don't have to do a great deal at once, baby steps will do. But as you act, you will be amazed by the incredible power that lies dormant in you. Tap into it. Use it and discover the joy of productive living. By the way, I'm not just saying this for your sake, but for the world's sake as well. You see, the world needs us, for "We are life's way of getting things done.
@Yori88 (1465)
• Philippines
28 Mar 09
Do you already consider that as laziness? I think it is a sign but it is not totally laziness. Well if you think you are lazy with that behavior you are not alone. There are other people out there who are just like you. I suggest you change that habit if it already affects the other things you need to do but refuse to do them because you just feel lazy. Everybody wants a comfortable place to rest by but it does not mean that if you can lie you have to lie all day. You also have to work and do household chores. Anyway these are only suggestions and it is still up to you. Working at home is a form of exercise and it helps our body. It is better to be working than just being lazy. Also try to find things that suits your interest and will keep you busy.
• India
28 Mar 09
i too fell lazy sometimes ,but when im determined abt something i do it with all my heart ,like i want to post a 100 posts in a day in my lot and im doing it with all efforts ,and also now my vaccations r coming so i will sit 10 hrs to post 100 posts a day .also i use timetables 4 things that i want to do but im not 2 determined abt them .
• China
28 Mar 09
Get uo early so you can have the law of schedule.Restrain your lazy every moment.