Application: Restaurant City!

Hong Kong
March 28, 2009 5:00am CST
How many of you are playing? It's really fun and you have to "build" a restaurant and it's a really cute game! For those who are playing, what's your comment on the game so far? For those who want to check it out, it's:
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@regal_aeros (2605)
• Singapore
29 Mar 09
oh yes, ME ME ME!!! but i'm kindda stuck. I have too many customers coming in but i don't have enough staff. I'm unable to hire because my level doesn't allow it. another complain is that i don't have enough "new restaurants" to visit to get more ingredients. And it's frustrating that the help and support doesn't really answer ALL my questions. But overall, it's fun. VERY FUN and addictive.
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• Hong Kong
30 Mar 09
Yes it's fun but my complains are the same! I think this game is only 1-week old and therefor they don't want us to move faster *laughs*. I added quite a few friends so that I could get more ingredients.
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@oyenkai (4394)
• Philippines
12 May 09
I play Restaurant City! It's addicting! I didn't want to play at first because I thought it would be a "tamagotchi" kind of game and I wasn't really interested on games that I have to check out every day to level up - but I found myself enjoying Restaurant City :D I'm now on level 20 after a week of playing. See: for Restaurant City tips :D
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• Philippines
11 Apr 09
Looks like its a great and cute game on Facebook. I will try to play that game today. Thanks for sharing it
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@hezoid (2144)
13 May 09
I've been playing, i have gotten fairly far but am struggling to get the ingredients to level up. Also, i don't like the fact that you have to have the application open to get gourmet points becuase i can't play other games or do much else with it open as my computer goes slow, and you can't really do much with the game it you just leave it open in your restaurant.
• Philippines
20 May 09
yeah i really love that Restaurant City that's why I made a blog about this,..
@cieldz (709)
• Indonesia
30 Mar 09
im playing this application too... but i think this game is kinda boring, cos we can only make our staff in their best condition to work... after login for a while, give my staff some sandwiches until they get 100% condition, pick up some trash, answer the quiz to get a new ingredient, then i log out... i come back in few hours again and do the i think this game is kinda boring...
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