Save me, Obama

United States
March 28, 2009 12:59pm CST
What's suspicious about rushing a $700 billion stimulus plan that's over 1000 pages long? Signing off on something no one has had time to read. Where's all this money going? First of all, we're printing more money, so technically this money is coming from thin air. Our poor grandchildren, forced to pay off our awful debts. Who's it helping? I get an extra $13 a week? I'm thrilled. What else? Billions of dollars going to rebuild bridges and golf courses! Where do I get a say in this? We are a "democracy" or at least used to be. But now who controls this country...I don't think it's 'we the people' anymore. Of course that's a whole other rant. Obama's spending more time on tv than actually working. You already won your campaign, start doing something. And when he's not on tv he's just spending more money we don't have. China is actually concerned for the value of their dollar because the USA continues to print money that doesn't exist. So Obama's going to save us all. While MORE people are becoming unemployed. MORE people are forced to move into tents and live without heat or running water. MORE people lose their homes and assets and retirement. Who are you saving Obama?
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