Who is it that you look up to as a role model?

United States
November 10, 2006 8:37pm CST
Do you have someone in your life that has deeply influence you and look up to as a role model?
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• India
12 Nov 06
My Dad. He passed away 3 years ago, and his loss is the biggest loss of my life. He was more than a father. He was my buddy, my best friend, my counselor, my alter-ego and so much more. He was my back-bone and my confidence. Even beyond life, he continues to be the single most cherished person in my life. I consider it a privilege to have been born his son. And I miss him just as much today as I did three years back. If I could be a fraction of the man he was, I would consider my life successful.
@stori1 (331)
• United States
11 Nov 06
My mother is my role model. I have great respect for her. She raised me well with morals, how to be a responsible adult. She has helped me in ways she will never know.
@ishqvishq (1023)
• India
11 Nov 06
yes my father
@owlwings (42006)
• Cambridge, England
11 Nov 06
Jesus, I think. I don't look up to him - he's about my height - but he's the one who is quietly there when I sometimes wonder what to say ... the one who has a quizzical half-smile to prompt me. At least, I think it's him ... :) I did spend quite a time (some years ago) reading the Gospels - just the bits that are actually about him, getting to know him in my mind's eye. I re-read, now and then, just to make sure that I haven't mis-remembered. Strange that from those three years we only have a few brief fragments of all that he said and did!