How do you feel about mothers nursing their baby in public?

March 28, 2009 10:25pm CST
How do you feel about mothers nursing their babies in public? Does it make you uncomfortable? Are you uncomfortable when your husband is in a room while a mother nurses her baby? I know many states have passed laws making it legal for a mother to nurse her baby but what is your opinion? Do you mind if your wife does it?
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• China
29 Mar 09
absolutely I will feel uncomfortable if my wife does,but I can accept it. how can a mother ignore his baby crying and leave him alone? I think maybe the next time before you go out, thinking about if you should feed the baby first or take a small blanket with you.
29 Mar 09
Hi norahfaith, Theres no big deal in that as its natuarl, I am not a mother and if I see a mother nursing their baby, why not? the bay is hungry and needs to be fed but most of the time the mother is very discreet about it and don't show much so there is no problem and it a beautiful scene. Tamara