Obama's internet town hall meeting a fraud!

@Fortunata (1136)
United States
March 28, 2009 10:29pm CST
Turns out the people who participated in Obama's internet townhall meeting were Obama supporters all along. I kind of figured that would happen. Is there anything about this guy that isn't phoney? What would it have hurt to take a few 'real' questions from people? He must think we're all a bunch of dim bulbs not to catch on.
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@greysfreak (1385)
• United States
29 Mar 09
I knew this. People submitted questions through some website they have set up for his followers to communicated with him. I heard in an interview about this that the way it was set up was people wrote questions, and site users voted for the "best" ones. That is so funny, because you just know that if a non-follower went and posted a question that is really hard, it would be voted so far down it wouldn't even register on the radar. It's kinda like mylot, some people here will rate you down if they don't agree with you, it's just childish. But seriously, I really think it's a horrible way to choose questions, it's just another product of the kool-aid gang. Anyway, I actually didn't catch that townhall, I was taking a nap--but as I was waking up either Shep Smith or Neil Cavuto (can't remember now) was interviewing someone and asked how the questions were chosen. I laughed, it didn't surprise me--but it is wrong, they should take some more objective questions as well. It would be best if it was 50-50, that way follower drones would get half the questions and serious people who doubt him will get questions, and maybe he would convince a few of those to believe in him more! Not me, because I don't buy anything he's selling, but some people would. I guarantee you he was using his trusty teleprompter (or that new tv thing he has).
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@mzz663 (2775)
• United States
30 Mar 09
Somehow this doesn't surprise me at all. This has been done, year after year,president after president, live, tv, radio and now the internet. They only want you to know and believe what they wnt you to know and believe. Actually we are all a bunch of dim bulbs, we let our government run us over. The government is supposed to be for the people, not for the government. How do they do this? by diverting our interests away from what they are doing. Who pays attention to the government during football season, american idol and dancing with the stars? With the distraction right now of the unemployment rates and housing crisis, who's paying attention to what's going on in the middle east right now? It's a diversion. keep the people's mind on something other than what they're doing. They say that history repeats itself if we don't pay attention. There once was a great ruler of germany who got so many not paying attention to what he had been doing by distracting the people, that he got what he wanted and all the power went to his head. He went from being a great ruler into being a great dictator one that caused a holocaust. A hated man at that. Know who that was? Hitler. Know how he did it? No? Our government does! They seem to be using his ideas and his ideas are working on us too! check out Mein Kampf (my struggle) by Adolph Hitler. It tells not only the story of his life, but how he got all of the power he had. Seems to me this is more of a communistic country every day without the benefits of a healthcare system. We are where we are now, not because of obama, not because of bush, the wheels have been set in motion for many years now. Fair Trade Agreement sound familiar? that's where alot of these jobs that no one has... went. Overseas. I'm curious though, just how the jobless, homeless and elderly are going to be taken care of. Seems with the jobs all being sent elsewhere, no one will have any jobs to be paying taxes from to fund this funny group of people that don't know how to run the american government and the country anywhere but into the ground. don't blame obama, don't blame bush, blame every american that's let the government get away with what they are doing and have done.
@dragon54u (31651)
• United States
29 Mar 09
All politicians do that. But Mr. Obama promised to be different, more transparent and upfront. He's broken about every promise he made. While I knw that the town hall gimmick was the usual political trick, I had still harbored some hopes that it would be different. We ARE a bunch of dim bulbs, dear. Look who the country voted in for president--a man who is a great speaker but says nothing, one who promises things so outlandish that nobody with any common sense would believe him and one who has definite marxist and communist leanings.