how to rare a child??

@ryaj21 (208)
March 29, 2009 1:30am CST
what is the best way to rare a child??how do you displine your child? by spoiling him/her?or by spanking her/him whenever he or she commits a a mistake?or just by talking to him or her??what do you think is the best way?so that the child will grow up with displine honesty and productive in the community he or she lives in.. as the saying goes education starts at home...happy mylotting
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29 Mar 09
Start with a relationship with God, that is, YOU need the relationship with God, As for discipline, if it's really bad, something they honestly really should know better, a spanking is ok, the best way to know if its ok, is if you feel horrible and don't want to do that to your child, if you are doing it out of anger, you may need to chill out and think about it before you punish the child, for mindor offences (stole a cookie, fights with sibling, etc.) standing in the corner usually does it, just remember they are there :P I remember once my dad forgot he had sent us to the corner, and we stood there for an hour XD that only happened once, and he was sorry. Never spoil your child, I see my best friend, and I see myself, as a perfect example for this, She recently baught a lap top for 1200 dollars, because she could pay for it in payments, she could have gotten a very similarly powerful laptop for 300-500 dollars if she would have waited to save, Now me, I want a lap top so that I don't have to sit in my brothers room at the computer that was built in the 90's that we have dubbed "The server" because of its size (don't ask) I learned, I can't afford even the 400-500 dollar lap top, So What I'm doing is learning more about computer parts, and I will eventually build one. and even if I don't I am learning foundation bricks that I will likely use one day for either college or a business I want to build. which is better, learning to accumulate debt out of impatience, or learning to build an education out of lack of material things. Remember that If you practice it, your child will see it and likely practice it his/her self, if you don't want them doing it, then don't do it. speak against it when they are old enough to understand. All in all, it comes down to God, a Majority of the good kids I see, ones with good morals, honesty, (reasonable) discipline, hope, happiness, they are christain kids usually raised in christain homes, but I also see a lot of "christain" kids who are hateful and bad as the rest, this in my opinion is often (not always) a result of the Parent(s) not having a close and personal relationship with God, Seek God, Seek his will, Be open to him, and you (and/or others) should do fine.