@Ritchelle (3795)
March 29, 2009 6:57am CST
what is your favorite nail shape? there is something about a square shaped fingernail that i think is underrated and something weird about the so-called classic oval shaped fingernail that i think is overrated.
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@mira91 (986)
• Singapore
10 Apr 09
Hey there~ I agree with you..I know about the square shaped fingernail i simple love how the shape is proper and all 90 degrees-ish...hahaha, i mean what's not elegant with that right? I don't care..Squarish nails are still nicer than oval ones... ^_^ just my opinion though...
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@Ritchelle (3795)
• Philippines
11 Apr 09
we're on the same wavelength there. just as long as the nails are not too long. it's even better if it is french manicured. and one knows how to type, use her fingers properly, it's classy.
@Reesers (1387)
• United States
30 Mar 09
I'm a classic kind of girl. I tried square once but I just didn't like it. They drove me nuts until I finally fixed them. Plus, my fingers look better with oval shaped nails. They looked stubby when they were squared.
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@olisaur (1931)
• United States
9 Dec 09
I've never really tried to change the shape of my nails. They'r naturally kind of round, maybe oval-shaped.