March 29, 2009 8:10am CST
In my opinion,loving and happiness is kind of feeling.My friends always tell me that I should learn accepting a girl and then I will know the real love.But I just can't do it myself.If I accept any girl that I do not like,I think I will hurt her.but on the contrary,I hurt several girls by now.wheather it have the real friendship between boys and girls ?
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@navonly (901)
• India
30 Mar 09
Your posting was not clear enough for me to say anything, but still would like to describe upon whatever I have understood till now. See my friend, Love, friendship, and accepting a girl are all three different things, so first of all please don't think much about all of them being the same, and don't try to mingle them. I really appreciate your thoughts and feeling about not accepting the girl you don't love or you don't like. Yes you are right, you may hurt them by them in both they ways. If you accept them even if you don't love them, they me get into depression and the situation may become worse for them afterward. If you directly don't accept them or their love, then also you'll be hurting them, but in this case, it wont be that difficult or hurting for gals, in comparison to first case. In Friendship, you don't accept a Girl, you just accept a friend. In friendship Gender doesn't matter much, for you a friend, should just be a friend, and not a girl or a boy. So in this case, hurting does not take place. Hope, I tried my best to clear your doubts.