i have a problem with my orkut account. Please help me..........

March 29, 2009 10:00am CST
After three days today i log in in my account at orkut. I was shocked that some body change my picture and paste a vulgure picture there. And that person change my all profile also. i think some body cheat me. how can i protect my account now?please help me about this.
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22 Apr 09
first u should delete ur account and if u dnt want to change ur account id then u must change ur password and security question. there after i will prefer that u should accept as friends only to those persons to whom u know personally. and u should also protect ur account profile only to ur frnz, with the help of this protection only ur frnz n ur frnz's frnz cn send u frnz request n ur know perons. i think this will help u to protect ur account from cheaters...
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30 Mar 09
Change your Password Soon...... Remember while creating an account...Choose a Security Question and always give wrong answer for the question as I do.But you must remember the answer. Also, do not share your password with anyone, not even to your best friend. In your case...change your password, security question, and if you have given any alternative email, change the password of that also.
@abcnadz (460)
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29 Mar 09
go at once and change your password. or an even better thing to do is delete your account and create a new one with a a password that is not similar to the current one. it is not a good thing that has happened to you. it can chage your omage among your friends forever. please do not share your passwords or security questions with anyone for your own safety. have a nice day dear